Message from Britt Smith, founder

Dogs are intelligent creatures and just like us, they are happiest when with their pack. But with such busy lives, we often struggle to give our pets the attention and stimulation they need.

Many of us have no option but to leave our much-loved mutts alone in the backyard all day while we work, which as we all know, can lead to disaster in more ways than one.

Dogs can go barking mad when they're bored. Some have anxiety or separation issues, while others are simply destructive and cause havoc by digging up the garden, tearing washing from the line, or even worse, they escape over the fence.

Such problems are easily solved, and dogtree could be the answer you are looking for.

dogtree is a free service that connects dog owners in their own neighbourhood to pair up their lonely pooches for playdates. It's a simple concept which makes sense. With so many solo dogs stuck at home for hours on end, your dog need not be starved of company.

Other members organise walks and share dog sitting, while many set up groups to arrange meetings at their local park or beach. Some simply sign up to make friends with like-minded people, swap information and chat, and post photos of their dog to show the world.

Our mission is to foster socially-responsible pet ownership by encouraging dog socialisation - and create happier dogs along the way.

dogtree offers a cost-free and convenient alternative to doggy daycare, boarding kennels, and walking services. Our members don’t need to spend money - instead, they rely on each other. It's a community-based service which puts the welfare of our pets at centre stage.

Joining dogtree is easy. All you need is a dog and an email address and you are on your way. Members create a profile for their dog, listing its breed, personality, habits and needs. The search can then begin by typing in your postcode and browsing for a dogs in your neighbourhood. Once you find a match, you can leave private messages for each other.

Dogs are pack animals, so why not bring out the best in your pet by signing up for free today and find your Fido a backyard buddy.

See our Guidelines for recommendations and tips about safety to make sure your dogtree experience is positive and safe for both you and your dog.

Happy searching and hurraaaaaaah for all the dogs! We hope to see you online.

Britt and Bear


"Thank you for setting up this site. We really enjoy being able to talk to other dogs and their owners, and we've actually met some of our online friends!" - Charlee

"We are loving this site! It's exactly what we were after - a place to talk about our 'kids' and organize playdates with other dog people." - BecksAndAmy

"Thank you so much for dogtree. Mum n I have made friends from Cairns to Melbourne and across to Perth." - Jody.