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  • Aja
  • Duke38 Hi dog pals! Does anyone know how to get in contact with the website owner / admin here? I've sent a note on the contact page but not had a response so far. Thanks in advance - Jess
    5 March
  • Nelson4 RIP beautiful girl, My Nelsy's queen has crossed to the bridge to take her place on her throne.......Hug's and xxxxx for Aunty Kim....
    15 September
  • dogtreeAdmin Dear members - I have some very exciting news about dogtree which I want to share with you before the official announcement. Dogtree is merging with a new site called Dogshare ( which is run by entrepreneur and dog lover Jessica Thomas. Dogshare has the same community values as dogtree and aims to improve the lives of our pet pooches and their owners and foster friendships in the real world by building connected communities. Dogshare has fantastic new technology which will make for an exciting new user experience, and many more members to make friends with. All dogtree members will receive an email over the coming days notifying them of the changeover, and depending on your last login date, your profile will automatically merge to Dogshare. If you have any questions, please let me know. (continued)
    11 October
  • TobiandBuddy Another beautiful friend crosses over the bridge. Farewell to my TWS (technical whizz shepherd) AJA. xxxx
    16 September
  • charli Iz so pooped. A beagle from over the back keeps on digging under our fence. Was fun at first but she is so full of energy & wants to wrestle 24/7. Hard to even have a drink or a pee when she's here. Humum gettin' a bit annoyed 'cause Shadow has been a bit destructive in the garden & broken into the vege patch. Has spent the last 3 nights sleeping on my stretcher bed outside the back door (will get wet if it rains) while Iz been snuggled up inside. Not sure where her owners think she is; prob'ly enjoying the break! Humum blocked off the hole twice today & thought it'd worked but when we came home from a 45 min walk, guess who was back?! She's a kleptomaniac too; has been taking hose fittings & brushes back with her! Iz gettin' old (turned 9 y'day) & my hips & I need some rest!! zzzzz
    17 May 2017