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What's New

  • ELVIS1
    ELVIS1 Hi there, I am keen to find a group of local "oodles" to hang out with at the park! We live on the edge of toorak/malvern so ping me if you want to catch up. 
    • 15 February
  • ELVIS1
    ELVIS1 has added a new profile photo.
    • 15 February
  • ELVIS1
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  • pogthedog
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  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 has added a new profile photo.
    • 10 February
  • stephaniechia
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  • Dromy
    Dromy The house of Dromy is very sad to hear our beautiful Lucy has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, though I imagine the none of our beloved boys up there will get anywhere near her pink ball. Sending love to Lucy’s mum xxx
    • 10 February
    • Nelson4 likes this.
    • Dromy
      Nelson4 To true cant see anyone getting near her fav ball.
      RIP beautiful girl.
      • 10 February
  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 So sad to hear our beautiful Lucy has joined my Nelsy and all our passed Labby pals at the bridge.
    Bet my big boy is organizing a labby dqy to welcome Lucy.
    Look after mate and show her the ropes.
    • 8 February
    • charli and Dromy like this.
    • Nelson4
      charli Nels & Joshy & ... will look after her for sure. So sad to hear another of our labs has reached the rainbow bridge.
    • Nelson4
      Ernie Very, very sad hearing Lucy has gone to Rainbow bridge, I know that the boys will take really good care of her. Lots of fun to have now that they're all together again. RIP beautiful Lucy xxxooo
    • Nelson4
      Nelson4 Well said gals to sad our beautiful hounds are leaving us.
      • 10 February