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  • Duke38
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    • 5 December
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    • 5 December
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    • 28 October
    • Nelson4
      Aja Miss you Handsome
      • 25 May 2017
    • Nelson4
      Nelson4 Everyday.....
      • 26 May 2017
    • Nelson4
      Ernie Boy there isn't a day that I want to catch up with you Nelsy :) I will see you one day, then we can run amok again!
    • Nelson4
      Nelson4 Hopefully not for a long time Ern...Your mum and dad and all your pals here need and wanna see you...Nelsys dad.
  • Nelson4
    Nelson4 My Beautiful Nels would have been 12 today.
    Think of you everyday and miss you more than ever....
    love ya Mum,dad and Buddy....
    • 28 October
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